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Wheelskins® Leather Steering Wheel Covers

 Starting at $ 55.25

When you need a refresh for the interior of your vehicle, leather steering wheel covers are a great way to add a new look to a classic car, truck, or SUV. Our top-quality Wheelskins© steering wheel covers offer you the quality and durability you want in a custom fit steering wheel cover. Made of genuine leather and hand-crafted in California, Wheelskins© covers have a patented lace reinforcement system. This system ensures that your steering wheel cover will be tight and custom fit for your vehicle. With a wide variety of colors to choose from, Wheelskins© are the best choice for your next leather steering wheel cover. 

Benefits of Wheelskins® steering wheel covers include:
  • Steering wheel covers can protect a new steering wheel.
  • Our Wheelskins® steering wheel covers are made to your dimensions -- guaranteeing a perfect fit.
  • If your car did not come with a leather wheel cover from the factory, this can be the perfect solution for you. 
Unique Auto Boutique’s Steering Wheel covers offer:

If you are ordering a Wheelskin Cover for anything other than a vehicle listed, such as a Sim Racing, Boat, Golf Cart, or Semi Truck, Tracktor, select Custom for the year, and Other for Make and Model.

Leather Colors Available
Black Blue Brown Burgundy Charcoal Cobalt Green Grey Oak Red Sand Sea Blue Tan White Yellow

Custom sizes,11 inch Wheel  12 inch wheel, 16 inch wheel,17 inch wheel 18 inch wheel 19 inch wheel 20 inch wheel 21 inch wheel 22 inch wheel

Wheelskins Color Sample

Available for the following makes:

  • MG
  • Volkswagen
  • Toyota
  • Subaru
  • Porsche
  • Mini
  • Mercedes Benz
  • Mazda
  • Lexus
  • Jeep
  • Honda
  • GMC
  • Dodge
  • Corvette
  • Chevrolet
  • BMW
  • Audi
  • Acura
  • Thrustmaster T248 Racing Wheel

New option for your steering wheel
12 O

Custom Steering Wheel Installation Instructions

Following these instructions will ensure your steering wheel cover fits properly and is secured around your steering wheel.
  1. Stretch On. Stretch and properly position the steering wheel cover on the steering wheel.
  2. Thread the needle. Retrieve the lacing cord and needle from the Wheelskins® package and thread the needle.
  3. Begin lacing. Insert the needle between the edges of the cover and out through a front hole. Pull the needle through the front hole, leaving 6 inches of lace to tie and the end. Then insert the needle in the rear hole, directly behind the starting front hole and diagonally through the next front hole to the left. You cannot tighten more than one stitch at a time.
  4. Spokes. The lacing holes on your cover are matched, so there are identical numbers on each side. If the spokes on the wheel are wider than 1.5 inches, lace only the front holes at the spokes with “dummy” stitches. This will fill the front holes at the spokes and help hold down the cover over the spoke. For every dummy stitch you make, you must skip a rear hole and stitch over the spoke.
  5. Tie. After completely lacing around the wheel, insert the needle through the last rear hole and between the edges of the cover. Tie a tight double knot, clip off the excess cord, and tuck the knot out of the way between the edges of the cover with the needle.

Tips for Cleaning and Maintenance of your Custom Leather Steering Wheel

To care for your Wheelskins® steering wheel cover, follow these suggested guidelines:
  1. Remove any soil buildup with only water and a soft sponge or paper towel.
  2. Avoid using strong all-purpose cleaners or protectants. They will remove the special coating and finished that have been applied to the leather to ensure a long life.
    1. Some perfumes, colognes or hand sanitizers contain alcohol or other chemicals that may harm the finish.
  3. Make sure your hands are free from any substance that may alter or discolor the steering wheel cover.

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