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Best Price on Mazda Floor Mats, Steering Wheel Covers, and Dashboard Covers

Mazda started importing cars into the US in the early 1970s. Mazda did not follow the normal path that the other Japanese car companies took. Mazda used a very unique motor licensed from Germany, and that set the stage for how they would put their unique mark on the automotive marketplace. Mazda has stayed true to their early roots and the results are one of the most loyal customer bases. Unique Auto Boutique is proud to offer a line of aftermarket auto accessories that any Mazda owner would be proud to put in their car.

Are you having a hard time finding quality aftermarket accessories for your Mazda?

Unique Auto Boutique has put together a line of custom made, high quality Mazda auto accessories just for you.

  • Mazda floor mats custom fit for all models choose from carpet or all-weather floor mats.

  • Mazda leather steering wheel covers – 16 colors to choose from and custom fit

  • Mazda dashboard covers – 4 styles and lots of colors to choose from – custom fit for your Mazda.

  • Stainless steel license plate frames made to last a lifetime!



Floor Mats

Unique Auto Boutique offers a line of Carpet Floor Mats along with a line of all-weather Rubber Floor Mats fully customized to fit all the different years, makes, and models that Mazda makes -- from the beginning right up to the newest models. Lloyd Mats has teamed up with us to offer 5 different carpet thicknesses from the super plush LUXE mat to a more affordable low-cut pile. All of Lloyd Mats are custom made in the USA and have warranties from 1 year to lifetime on their most premium Luxe mat. Some of the best things about the Lloyd Mat brand is the large selection of colors along with an unmatched number of patterns -- from front floor mats to back seat floor mats, to trunk and cargo mats. If your Mazda needs floor mats, then you will find what you need Lloyd Mats.

Steering Wheel Covers

Unique Auto Boutique has worked with WheelSkins to offer Mazda owners the finest custom made Leather Steering Wheel Covers made today. Every Steering Wheel Cover starts out as premium leather just like the leather that Mazda uses -- and then it’s hand crafted in California to the exact size of your Mazda steering wheel. Wheelskins offers 16 colors to choose from -- optional Perforated Leather and two-tone color styles. Whether you are putting a wheel cover over an older Mazda to give it some new life or you are putting a Wheelskin on your brand new Mazda, it’s easy to see why WheelSkins are the number one choice of Mazda owners.

Dashboard Covers

Protecting the dashboard of your Mazda should be top priority if you want to maintain your resale value and protect your investment. DashDesigns produces the highest quality dashboard cover on the market today. With the latest in CAD design, their fit is perfect every time. DashDesigns offers 4 different materials to choose from and the largest selection of colors on the market. You are sure to find the dashboard cover that is just right for your Mazda.

License Plate Frames

Are you tired of buying a new license plate frame every year for your Mazda? Then maybe it’s time to buy the best license plate frame ever made. We know that is a bold statement but the first time we saw the 304 Stainless Steel License Plate from Camisasca Automotive Manufacturing, we knew that we had found the last frame we would ever buy for my Mazda. The quality of the Stainless Steel that Camisasca uses is incredible and their classic, clean design is unmatched in the aftermarket. Truly a frame that will last as long as your Mazda.

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