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The Finest Lexus Floor Mats, Steering Wheel Covers, and Dashboard Covers

When Lexus came on the market in 1989, it set new standards for not only Japanese car companies, but for the entire world. Lexus provided an upscale option to the US auto buyer and their customer service set a high mark for the rest of the automotive industry. Lexus owners demand the best and Unique Auto Boutique has put together a line of aftermarket accessories that will live up to the Lexus name.

Are you having a hard time finding quality aftermarket accessories for your Lexus?

Unique Auto Boutique has put together a line of custom made, high quality Lexus auto accessories just for you.

  • Lexus floor mats custom fit for all models choose from carpet or all-weather floor mats.

  • Lexus leather steering wheel covers – 16 colors to choose from and custom fit

  • Lexus dashboard covers – 4 styles and lots of colors to choose from – custom fit for your Lexus.

  • Stainless steel license plate frames made to last a lifetime!



Floor Mats

Unique Auto Boutique offers a full line of custom made luxury carpet floor mats manufactured in Southern California by Lloyd Mats especially for your Lexus. Lloyd Mats is the leader in custom floor mats. With 5 unique carpet materials to choose from and 3 different rubber all-weather Floor Mats, they truly are the #1 choice in high quality floor mats for your Lexus.

Steering Wheel Covers

When it’s time to buy a Steering Wheel Cover for your Lexus, the corner auto parts store just won’t do. You’re going to need a company who knows what they are doing! That’s why we’ve partnered with Wheelskins Leather Steering Wheel Covers. When it comes to choosing the right wheel cover for your Lexus, Wheelskins uses the same high-quality leather that the OEMs use and 16 of the most popular colors to choose from. The second most important thing to consider is the fit. Lexus has changed the sizes of their Steering Wheel Covers over the years, so it is important to use a company that can make your wheel cover to the proper dimensions. Wheelskins makes every cover to the exact size of your Lexus Steering Wheel from 1989 all the way to the latest model.

Dashboard Covers

The Lexus brand is a primier car company and uses the best quality materials available; however, constant exposure to the sun on the dashboard can’t be overlooked, and in time will fade or even crack the dashboard. The best solution for this is a DashDesign Dashboard Cover. Dashboard covers have been around for years, but just like your Lexus they have evolved into a state-of-the-art accessory. With the help of computer designed patterns and the latest technology in sun-resistant fabric, the modern dashboard cover will fit perfectly and provide years of protection for you dashboard.

License Plate Frames

Your Lexus will last for years and we here at Unique Auto Boutique found a License Plate Frame that will last for years also. That’s a pretty big claim, and we can back it up with years of experience! The 304 stainless steel frame made by Camisasca Automotive Manufacturing has proven over the years to hold up to the elements year after year. With 4 different styles to choose from in 4 different finishes -- Polished, Brushed, Black Power Coat, and Black Pearl -- you are sure to find the perfect finish for your Lexus license plate frame.

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