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GMC High-Quality Floor Mats, Steering Wheel Covers, & Dashboard Covers

GMC -- mostly known for it line of Trucks and SUVs -- has always been on the leading edge of design.  Although similar to the Chevrolet line, the GMC is the flagship of the General Motors brand, and they put that little something extra in every GMC they make.

Unique Auto Boutique brings an upscale line of aftermarket accessories to the owners of GMC vehicles.  Over the last 20 years, Unique Auto Boutique has put together the best line of aftermarket accessories on the market.

Are you having a hard time finding quality aftermarket accessories for your GMC?

Unique Auto Boutique has put together a line of custom made, high quality GMC auto accessories just for you.



GMC Floor Mats

GMC owners expect more, and that’s why Lloyd Mats are their “go-to” brand for aftermarket custom made floor mats.
Made with the finest materials and the largest selection of patterns with the most colors to choose from in 5 different styles of carpet floor mats and 3 different types of all-weather floor mats -- this is why Lloyd Mats is the number one choice for GMC owners.

Lloyd Mats is Officially Licensed by GM to sell the GMC logos expertly embroidered on custom fit GMC trucks and SUV floor mats.
The high-quality embroidery is unmatched in the industry and will give the floor of your GMC that little something extra you expect.

GMC Steering Wheel Covers

Most GMCs today come with a leather steering wheel cover from the factory, but perhaps you are working with an older model that did not offer one, or your GMC wheel cover is starting to show wear -- or maybe you just want a different color steering wheel.  If so, Wheelskins leather steering wheel covers are the best solution for you.

Unique Auto Boutique has partnered with Wheelskins to offer the finest aftermarket leather steering covers for your GMC on the market today.
Wheelskins measures the wheel for a perfect fit. Whether you own an older GMC with a 17-inch or 18-inch wheel or a more modern wheel that is 14- or 15-inch wheel, we will make sure it fits your GMC steering wheel like a glove.

With options like two-tone leather or perforated leather and 16 colors to choose from you can have a factory look or go for more of a custom look.

GMC Dashboard Covers

Dashboard covers have come a long way in the last couple of years now using the latest technology like computer CAD systems to make dashboard cover patterns to perfectly fit every twist and turn on your dashboard.
Updated materials that will protect harmful sun damage from your dashboard while at the same time greatly reducing windshield glare.

Unique Auto Boutique works closely with DashDesigns to provide you with the best fitting, longest lasting, and most up-to-date designs for all GMC dashboard cover needs.

License Plate Frames

Unique Auto Boutique went on a search for the best license plates it could find.  We knew it had to look clean and simple -- no advertising or slogans.  It also needed to hold up to the environment and be able to accommodate registration regiments in all 50 states.

Now that’s a pretty good list of demands and it took a lot of searching, but after looking at every frame we found one stood above all others.
A company in southern California called Camisasca Automotive Manufacturing is the one!

Camisasca uses only 304 stainless steel to produce their line of frames and after years of selling them we know for a fact that they stand the test of time.
Offered in 4 different types of frames and 4 unique finishes you are sure to find the perfect license plate frame for you.
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