Steering Wheel Centering Stripe

DIY Steering Wheel 12 O'clock Center Marker Stripe

DIY How to add yellow stripe to steering wheel
How to add stripe to steering wheel

Meany of the hard core car enthusiast will know exactly what this product is.

For the young people or those of you just coming up in the car couture let me explain what we have here.

If you watch any car racing like NASCAR Indy Car or Drifting, you may have notice a colored stripe at the top of the steering wheel.

The organ of this colored center stripe goes back to the late 50 and early 60.
Mark Donohue, one of the most successful driver of the time and a grate innovator in race car development is credited with the first use of the colored centering stripe for the steering wheel.

Donohue and other drivers would used it to correct the steering wheel angle in high speed cornering and when preparing to leave the pits.
The center stripe is also discussed by Skip Barber in his driving instruction books.

Now you and I might not be famous race car drivers but, whats the harm in adding a cool looking accessory to mimic the best drivers of all time as we commute in to work each day or as we take the long way home though the twisty back roads back home.

the least expensive and easiest modification you will make to your car this year.

We have three colors to chose from Red Yellow and White.
Super easy DIY installation just peel the backing off and wrap it around the top of the steering wheel.

Our steering wheel center stripe is
3/8 inch wide
by 5 3/4 inch long.
Will fit vintage cars to morden sports cars

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