Dash Covers

Whether your covering up a crack on you dashboard or you are getting a Dash Cover to preventive that from happening to your vehicle the Dashdesign DashCover will be the perfect choice for you.

In business for over 35 year Dashdesigns has led the way in protecting Car, Truck and SUV's Dashboards. They use the latest cad/cam patterns to guaranteeing the best fit possible. Since Dashdesigns is located in Arizona they know a little something about the severe effects of the sun.

With years of testing they have develop sun resistant materials that will give you years of protection combined with all the computer cut patterns and the quality of being made in the USA.

Dashdesigns Dashboard Covers. Easy to see why they are the leader in the Dash Cover industry.

When Dashdesigns stated all those years ago the only had one choice of Carpet Dashcover to chose from know the have 5 different types of materials to chose from and a wide selection of colors you are sure to find one that suits your needs.

Brush Suede Dashboard Cover


Brushed Suede Colors

Not the same old dash cover from the 1980's the Brushed suede dash cover is made from CAD designed patterns using the latest sun resistant and low glare materials the result is the best looking dash cover providing the maximum sun protection at a great price point and made in the USA.

Order now to start protecting your dash board from the elements.

The Brushed Suede dash cover has a very contemporary look with the ability to lay down on the dash board for a factory look.

We design your dash cover so that all the vents and sensors are cut out exact were they belong making sure that all the safety systems will work just as entented.

Our customers come back time and time again because they know the value of protecting one of there biggest investment and with out sacrificing any style.

Our dash cover gives you more then just good looks it also provides sun protection along with substantial windshield glare reduction.

Offered in 5 colors and covered by a 5 year warranty and yes made in the USA

Dash Tex Dashboard Covers

dashtex dash

Dashtex colors

If you are looking for an upgrade in your cars interior or need to reduce the glare  from the sun or you are just wanting to protect your  vehicle from the sun the Dashtex dashboard cover may be just what you need. This ultra modern looking material will bring a new life to any interior and at the same time give you all the protection from the sun that your dashboard will need. Don't delay, order today. 

Dashtex dash board covers bring the best of both worlds together the latest in contemporary automotive design and the best protection from the sun available. Together with state of the art CAD design patterns to provide that perfect fit. Four popular colors and a 5 year warranty. Made in the USA


Sedona-Suede Dashboard Covers

Sedona Suede
Sedona Suede Colors

This is one of our newer materials we offer and one of my personal favorites .

The lastest trend in the automotive industry today is perforating, that just a fancy way of saying tiny holes.

The Sedona Suede has a very contemporary look similar to the Brushed Suede material, but with perforated holes though the entire cover.  Resulting in a fresh look that will liven up your dash board and still  give you the protection you expect from a dashboard cover.

Comes in 5 colors and covered by a 5 year warranty

The Sedona Suede material is just like the brushed suede but perforated.

The end result is a super contemporary look on a classic idea of the dash board cover.

The sooner you order the sooner you can start protecting your dash 


Poly Carpet Dashboard Cover


 Poly Carpet Colors 

The Poly carpet dash cover is the original style that was launched back in 1983 has a more vintage look but with all of the modern advantages of CAD designed patterns 9 colors to choose from and covered by a life time warranty. Order today to start your lifetime of dash board protection.

The poly carpet dashboard gives off a vintage vibe, it would not be my first choice in a newer vehicle, but if you were working on something from the 80's or 90's, this would be the one for the job. With a life time warranty and 9 colors to chose from made in the USA the poly carpet dashboard cover will last as long as you own your vehicle.



Velour Dash Board Covers

Velour Color 
Plusvelor dash

The Plush Velour dashboard cover a look that has not changed for years now, if you liked it back in the day you will love it now .

With 15 colors to chose from and the latest computer added design patterns it is even better then when we introduced it back in the 1980s.

Order now to start protecting your dash board for all the tomorrows 

The Plush Velour dashboard cover has the largest selection of colors,15 in all, with all the modern manufacturing methods we use you can be assured the you will get the best color and best fit at a great price.



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